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  About Us
CHO-SPN is Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sulphur, Phosphorous, and Nitrogen the six elements of life, nature, and organic chemistry. Our company signifies relation between human body and nature therefore our logo is a Vitruvian man (by Leonardo da Vinci) that shows an organic chemistry between human being and nature.

CHO-SPN is an Institute for Biomedical Research and is responsible for developing and marketing drug candidates from the CHO-SPN Institute for Biomedical Research, CHO-SPN Biologics or licensing partners. Furthermore, we are Contract Research Organization that helps global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies significantly enhance their R&D success both from a cost standpoint as well as from shorter time lines. We take enormous pride in supporting pharmaceutical companies at every step of the of the drug development process.

Biomedical scientists in cooperation with molecular biologists pursue most of the research in the field. We therefore use human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialize medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. We conduct medical and scientific research to discover cures for diseases.

We provide high quality pharmaceutical drug development services including formulation development, Contract formulation development, analytical methods development, Contract analytical method validation, Contract process development and validation, Contract stability studies and Pharma vigilance services. There are 136 projects in the pharmaceutical product pipeline.

We consist of diverse and highly educated professionals. With employee growth and development being paramount at
CHO-SPN, our staff encompasses many fields of academia that allows us to offer innovative products and services as well as remain a leading force in the field of research and development.

We look forward to your inquiries for any of our R &D services.

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