CIN No. U73100MH1990PTC058586
  Pharma Machinery
CHO-SPN has designed and developed automatic machines to check foreign matter filled into container used in the pharmaceutical industry, by means of highly advanced visual and software processing systems i.e. Ampoule visual inspection machine. During the manufacturing and filling up process, ampoules, vials, and syringes are subject to contamination by foreign particles of various kinds, such as glass fragments or other material used to seal the container. CHO-SPN works with this aim, to develop ever-new technologies in order to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products.

Ampoule visual inspection machine is a fully automated machine vision system with the speed of ampoules per minute for detection of various contaminants (both reflective and non-reflective substances) in the Ampoules such as white fibres, black fibres, glass pieces, black and white particles, etc.
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