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  Research & Development
Research & Development is the key to the future of pharmaceutical industry.

CHO-SPN Institutes for Biomedical Research is the global pharmaceutical research organization, committed to discovering innovative medicines that treat disease and improve human health. It is our endeavor to transform drug development by applying innovative approaches to enhance quality and productivity of clinical development and significantly decrease development time. We are committed to significantly investing in our Service Portfolio and capabilities to achieve a R&D management framework that facilitates collaboration across national and cultural boundaries. The depth and breadth of our technological and scientific expertise enables us to develop new and affordable therapeutics for the world’s most debilitating diseases.

CHO-SPN has built expertise around several key technology competencies. We provide high quality pharmaceutical drug development services including formulation development, Contract formulation development, analytical methods development, Contract analytical method validation, Contract process development and validation, Contract stability studies and Pharma vigilance services. There are 136 projects in the pharmaceutical product pipeline.

CHO-SPN is a global company that helps to research, develop, and commercialize products, which hold the potential to save lives by preventing or treating various medical conditions.

We provide analytical support, contract formulation development, and consultation services to pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology companies. Our experienced scientists offer a full range of analytical services from lead discovery chemistry to cGMP release of finished products.

CHO-SPN is involved in analysis of the drug at various stages of development. It is responsible for the development and validation of a wide range of analytical test methods for establishing Identity, Purity, Potency, Quantity, and Safety. These tests are used for lot- release, in-process testing and stability testing of drug substances and drug products. The validated methods are then transferred to the laboratories as per requirement.

CHO-SPN lays down specifications for the lot release of each batch, in process testing during the process as well as stability indicating testing to assign shelf life of the drug.

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